pawTippin Rock is your pets vacation getaway and we want to make sure they enjoy all them comforts of home and then some!

boarding-outdoorsSome dogs love being indoors, while others thrive on the fresh country air, so we have set up each boarding kennel with its own private patio, thus giving your dog the freedom to be inside or out. Of course safety comes first and we will make sure all dogs are inside for their safety such as extremely cold weather.

boarding-indoorsIn the interior part of your dogs private boarding kennel, they will enjoy the warmth of the heated duraflex floors, climate controlled atmosphere, and piped-in stereo music.


boarding-bowlsWe serve 2 meals a day of Iams or Eukanuba. If your pet is on a more preferred food or special diet, please provide their own food in a container marked with first and last name instructions on feeding. As a special treat, all pets receive a cookie before bedtime while staff is placing down their bedding.


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