Dear Pat, Jim, and Staff of TRPL,

I want to Thank You and the staff for the Love and care you have given my dogs over the years.

It is so nice going on vacation and knowing Annie is Safe and Happy. Annie loves her days at doggie day care it is so funny to watch her run right to Jim and get her hug.

She is always so excited to get there and happy but tired at the end of the day especially days when it is warm enough to go into the pool.

Thank You again for a Clean Safe Kennel. You are the best! Marilyn B.

My dogs have been going to Tippin Rock Pet Lodge since 1996. First Moose and now Stew.

Moose was an older dog (5 years) when he came to live with me and when he went to the Lodge on vacation. He LOVED it and would come home happy, healthy and ready to go on vacation again. Jim paid special attention to his desire to be outside and Moose got to spend time watching the world go by.

Stew was a youngster of 6 months when he started going to doggie daycare. They say “a tired dog is a happy dog”. Stew could not have been more happy or tired after daycare. I could not be more happy to know my boy was safe, having fun and making new friends while I was at work. 12 years later he’s still happy to go for the day and see his friends!

Through the years Jim, Patty and Staff have taken GREAT care of my dogs! They have been there for us during personal crisis and have become our dear friends!

Thanks guys! We love you!

Karen & Stew

There’s no place like home, that is unless we’re staying at Tippin Rock Pet Lodge”! My dogs and cats don’t walk, they RUN to get into their kennels. My kids should be so happy!

We have taken our pets to Jim and Pat Winsor for more years than we can count. They have been there with us through the good days, like when our new puppy Charlie, flew into Providence and Pat picked him up, to that last good bye, when our sweet 19 year old Papillion, Gidget, left the Earth for Rainbow Bridge.

Our four legged family is always happy there, comfortable with the heated floors, the doggie swimming pool, and plenty of playtimes with other friends of our own size. They love the special attention they get. The water bowls are always full and the kennel is clean and smells fresh.

You can not put a price on the extremely compassionate service they provide whenever is necessary. We especially have to thank them for the sensitive care they gave our German Shepard Raven, when she was gravely sick while we were out of town. The Winsors picked up Raven from the hospital, took her home i.v. and all, and gave her the TLC she needed to get better, while we were away.

Our cats love that their unique needs are met as well. Our rather large friend Zhuge requires a room with a view. That’s exactly what he gets when in the Cattery. Katrina loves the litter used in her cat box. It’s just like home for her.

My husband says in his next life he wants to come back as one of our pets, so he can stay at Tippin Rock Pet Lodge.

Valerie C.